New in SpinupWP: Server-to-Server Site Cloning

As promised, we’ve shipped the ability to clone a site to another server! 🎉

Why clone a site to another server?

It’s almost always better to set up staging/dev sites on a separate server from production. Reducing the risk of tests borking production sites seems like a no brainer, but the extra work of setting up another server and setting up sites on a separate server has been reason enough for many to just take the risk.

SpinupWP made it easy to spin up a staging/dev server, but it has still been a pain to create a copy of a production site on another server. But now with server-to-server site cloning, creating a copy of a production site on another server is exactly as easy as doing so on the same server.

Server-to-server cloning can also be used to move a site to another server. Maybe you spin up a fresh server, clone a site to it, test it, and when it’s all good, update the DNS to start serving traffic. You can do that easier than ever now with cloning, but it’s still currently a bit of a pain. More on this below.

How It Works

After selecting Clone Site from the site screen…

You’ll be presented with a new option to select the destination server…

SpinupWP destination server screen

You can continue to clone on the same server or choose another server…

Clone site to another server destination screen

Next you enter domain settings, database settings, etc as you normally would when creating a new site…

Cloning site screen in SpinupWP

As few as 2 mins later you’ll have a perfectly copied site on another server.

Coming Soon: Move Site

As I said above, you can certainly use server-to-server cloning to move a site to another server, but it’s not nearly as smooth a process as we’d like…

  • You need to update your DNS to verify your domains before we can obtain new SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt.
  • If you use git, authentication will need to be set up again
  • If you have backups configured, you’ll need to set that up again.

Moving a site to another server should be easier than that. You should be able to say which server and the site will be cloned to that server. No prompts asking for this or that. That’s what we’re aiming for in our Move Site feature that we’ll be working on next.

Have any questions about server-to-server site cloning? What would you like to see in SpinupWP? Let us know in the comments.

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