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cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panel for server and web management. This enables website owners to effectively manage websites from a web-based interface in a single dashboard. After revolutionizing the website hosting organization and gaining millions of faithful clients, C-Panel freshly announced a massive price increase. For some of you, especially sellers, the cost of using CPanel may not make sense. The best alternatives to C-panels do just that. Using a clean and intuitive design, and built on efficient, fast-loading code, they provide an amazingly similar management experience.

However, C-Panel has a new licensing policy that makes it very expensive for many sellers. Here is a structured list of top tools that can change the cPanel.


ApisCP is a network control panel, a hosting platform since 2002 that can help you get the most out of it. Once installed, ApisCP’s adaptive firewall is enabled by protecting all aspects from WordPress to SSH to increase peace of mind. This control panel is also compatible with Linux distributions. It offers a ten-year support cycle for RHEL and CentOS, and a five-year support cycle for the Ubuntu system.


  • This cPanel offers free 30 days trial
  • Mini license for $30 per year
  • Startup license for $50 per year
  • Pro license for $20 per year


RunCloud is a lightweight control panel for server management and zero time deployment. RunCloud is a rapid, safe and up to date web server panel alert on your web application. You are using Lowell, Code Igniter, Cake, WordPress, CMS or custom baked PHP application. Although their platform is far from young, they are still working tirelessly to improve their solution and ensure that people need to manage their cloud servers.


  • It offers 5 day free trials
  • Basic license for $6.67 per month
  • Pro license for $12.5 per month
  • Business license for $37.5 per month


Moss is advertised as a virtual server for web development professionals, freelancers, agencies, and startups. Thanks to the Host Control Panel for teaming up with their support team, you’ll never have to manage your servers again. Moss also requires a fresh Ubuntu installation to log in via SSH. It can configure web apps that run on PHP / HTML + CSS as well as Node.js and static JavaScript, as opposed to run scouts.


  • It provides 30 days free license
  • Starter license for $9 per month
  • Professional license for $20 per month
  • Unlimited license for $49 per month


SpinUp is a WP Cloud-based server control panel designed specifically and limited to WordPress. This can be considered a disadvantage and many people will not even consider it as a result, but if you are planning to use your servers for WordPress hosting, spin up WP It was designed with the best practices in mind.


Personal license is available for $9 per month for the 1st three month

Team license available for $29 per month for 1st three month


ServerPilot is a hosted server management dashboard that makes it easy to manage servers – whether you have more than one or more than 100. However, it is designed for people who want to use their servers to host PHP web applications and WordPress websites. They have a US-based support team dedicated to ensuring you can get started without running into any issues and are available if you have any questions.


2 weeks of free trial for a single license, which costs $ 20 / month after free trials. You can also start with the bulk (500+) licenses starting at 5 / months which are paid annually or multiple annually.

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